New KUHN RW1610C Wrapper


The professional RW 1610 round bale wrapper is ideal for those wrapping operations where high capacity and high efficiency are required. The RW 1610 is standard equipped with a high grip film cutter and film roll folder for 2 rolls. The RW 1610 can be operated via the 3-handle cable control, electro-hydraulic joystick or computer control box. The RW 1610 C is capable to load the heaviest bales up to 1200kg because of a redesigned rugged main frame for the loading arm and 4 belt wrapping table. Constant weight transfer towards the tractor avoids slippage in hilly circumstances. In addition, the KUHN RW 1610 C, with integrated “AUTOLOAD function’’, can load and carry a second bale in the loading arm while remaining wrapping. Equally to the RW 1410, the RW 1610 can be equipped with the innovative e-Twin pre-stretcher.
Besides a standard single stretch, KUHN introduces the all new RW 1610 with e-Twin for excellent cost efficient wrapping. The innovative e-Twin technology enables to wrap via a unique combined pre-stretcher design with patented film distribution to save 50% on wrapping time and also on film costs. Unique advantages of e-Twin:
– Pre-stretch ratio can be increased leading towards further film savings.
– Tighter wrapped bales increases the airtightness and so quality of feed.
– Extreme tear resistance in hot circumstances.
– Approx. 80cm height film when arriving at the bale ensures less wrinkling and better positioned film wrap around the bale.


Stock Number 11009628